Spotify for Artists

Are you looking to find your Spotify statistics? Then you should be looking for Spotify For Artists.  In this post, we’ll go over some things you need to know about Spotify for Artists.

spotify for artists

First of all, Spotify for Artists is where you can see who is listening to your music on Spotify. You can also see what playlists you are getting streams from, which countries are streaming your music, and the most important feature, the ability to submit your song for Spotify owned playlists. 

Do you have hopes of maybe one day landing your music on Mint or Rap Caviar? The only way to do this is by submitting your song 7 days prior to its official release right there on Spotify for Artists. You must not delay! If you’re wondering where you can find Spotify for Artists, it is a mobile application which can be downloaded from the app store. It is also available on desktop by visiting artists.spotify.com. 

How Spotify for Artists works is pretty cool. Spotify gives some of the most comprehensive data available to artists around the world. With Spotify For Artists, musicians are able to submit their songs for playlist consideration, edit their profiles, and gauge their audience and listener data.

Any musician can claim their profile right there on Spotify. Once you have released a song through a distributor, head over to Spotify for Artists to try and claim your artist profile. You will need to provide verification that you are the musician you say that you are though. Once you decide to claim your profile, access to your Spotify for Artist profile can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks. Once you have signed up for Spotify for Artists, just log in so that you can access all of your data.

Once you’re all set up on Spotify for Artists, you can submit your track for playlist consideration, view your listeners, amount of followers, and much more.

The URL for Spotify for Artists is https://artists.spotify.com/.