Nana Muse

Melbourne alternative and dark-pop artist NaNa Muse is turning heads in 2020. 
Through a combination of electro synths, power vocals, creative concepts and evocative writing, NaNa is creating a brand new sound that is candid, authentic and true to her indie dark-pop style.
NaNa first appeared on the Melbourne music scene back in 2017 with her debut single “Queen B”, followed up by her Debut EP Los Avalon. A conceptual piece that integrated the etherial power of the mythical land Avalon, and the industry music hub of the world, Los Angeles. 
However, since her debut NaNa took some time off to write for other artists, work with different producers (such as Entente and Rob Amoruso of Mushroom and Universal Records) to form a new sound. A sound first heard from her October 2019 single “Lights On” which dawned tens of thousands of plays across the internet. 
“Lights On” gained universal praise, which lead to Muse recording a follow up acoustic cover of the song, as well as her next single “Ring Around The Rosie” in December of 2019. RATR has also gained thousands of plays online, recently surpassing ‘Lights On’, making it NaNa Muse’s most successful track to date. 
NaNa Muse is gearing up for several exciting releases in 2020, as well as working on many collaborative works with other artists. Head to her socials to be kept up to date with all her shows, tours and coming music!