Most frequent questions and answers

Many artists will decide to take it upon themselves to randomly reach out to different playlist curators. Sometimes it is successful. With that being said, during the last 3 years we’ve built relationships with a number of different curators that constantly focus on building real and active playlists. We do the hard work for you and bring our experience with every campaign.

Each campaign is a minimum of 30 days. Which means that your track will stay on the playlist for at least 30 days. Depending on the curator and your track, your track could also remain on a playlist for much longer.

It is very likely that you will. The playlists we work with get real plays from real people, therefore people are very likely to engage with your song. However, we can not guarantee any activity since these are real people and they react just as you would when you listen to a new song on Spotify.

No, we can’t. However, our efforts to attempt to maximize exposure will hopefully trigger Spotify’s algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly and Daily Mix. We also do out best to pitch artists to playlists that may interact with your songs and follow you. In the future, you may be able to benefit from Release Radars as a result of the exposure you gained from our promotional services.

We work with all genres!

Track must include English lyrics.

Due to this being an organic Spotify campaign, these are real followers and real listeners. We can not guarantee a certain number of plays.

However, from previous campaigns, here is what we have seen in the past.

Tier 1 – 1k-3k plays
Tier 2 – 3k-5k plays
Tier 3 – 5k-10k plays
Tier 4 – 10k-20k plays
Tier 5 – 10k-50k plays

Orders are typically started within 24-72 hours of payment received. Pitching your track, interacting with curators, and gaining placements can take up to an additional 72 hours as well. Please note that this time frame excludes weekends and holidays. 

*Please note that sometimes orders will take longer to be fulfilled. Your patience is appreciated.*

No. You cannot run multiple campaigns for the same track. You can run multiple campaigns at the same time with different tracks, but not the same one. If you want more placements, we suggest you go with a larger campaign to start with. Otherwise, wait until your current campaign is finished before starting another one. If you place an order for a track that already has an active campaign, your new campaign will not be started until the first one has finished.

Yes. We will send you an update with links once your campaign has been fulfilled.

Please understand that we do not guarantee your track to be placed on any particular playlist. Our fees for each campaign are for the time we utilize to reach out to different curators to fulfill your campaign. We do not offer cancellations or refunds for any reason. Especially for things out of our control. Please be mindful about who you do business with.

(and pertaining to orders placed up to 90 days ago)
Unfortunately, over the last 3 years there have been a few people (out of hundreds) that have abused PayPal and their own personal financial institutions. By placing an order with us you agree (and are bound to these terms and conditions) to not dispute charges or file chargebacks on orders placed with our company for any reason. We have never and will never be responsible for your music being removed from Spotify. Like we’ve always had stated above PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF WHO YOU DO BUSINESS WITH. We also are not responsible for the playlists that are removed by Spotify. By placing an order through our website, again, you agree to our terms and conditions and agree to not file a dispute or charge back with PayPal or your financial institution. We will always fulfill our orders no matter. 

No, our service will not cause your music to be removed from Spotify. We follow all of Spotify’s terms and conditions.

If you do something that causes your music to be removed by Spotify (For example, working with illegitimate companies or buying plays/followers) and a curator sees that your track doesn’t work anymore, they can/will remove it from their playlist. Once your track has been taken down by Spotify, your campaign with us is over.

If Spotify decides to put your music back up and you decide to promote it again, you will need to purchase a new campaign.