Abdullah Abdulhadi, known as AceQuared is a rapper, singer and songwriter from Amman, Jordan based in Toronto, Canada. He emerged from the Jordanian underground scene heavily influenced by the ’90s, and not just the decade’s brand of hip-hop, but that era’s music culture as well.

Moving to Toronto In 2016 Ace debuted with his single One Time, a record that was released independently and has now amassed millions of streams across various platforms. A year later, he released his first EP 2609. The EP’s theme revolves around a swaggering modern hip-hop anthem/club banger and woozy R&B-oriented ballads.

After finding his sound by consistently releasing singles, In 2019 Ace released his debut album Black Iris. The album is a collection of all the styles and flows Ace has honed through his previous years of releasing music and a display of his diversity, whether it be in storytelling or melodically taking control of a beat.

AceQuared’s personality is reflected in song titles like “No Name”, “OCB” and “Autopilot”. He is now working on several new singles and a new EP that will be released in 2020.